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More about Year 4 Maths Questions …

The Year 4 maths curriculum builds on the success of learners’ understanding from Year 3 maths. The majority of learning objectives covered in Year 4 further skills from the previous year, whilst introducing new concepts such as, rounding whole numbers and a more detailed look at different types of charts and graphs.

Year 4 NUMBER …

All four operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are covered in Year 4 maths introducing formal written multiplication and division. The manipulation of number extends learners’ developing mathematical understanding through finding factors of values as well as introducing negative numbers. Finding fractions of amounts provides opportunity for learners to apply their growing understanding of fractions and parts of numbers.

Year 4 SHAPE …

Year 4 continues to develop learners’ understanding of the perimeter of a square and the perimeter of a rectangle, but also brings the area of a rectangle and the area of a square to the curriculum. Reflecting shapes and translating shapes are also covered with high quality daily Year 4 maths worksheets.

Year 4 DATA …

Line graphs are introduced in Year 4 building on understanding from Year 3 bar graphs. Learners are expected to offer a more detailed interpretation of different types of charts and graphs.

All learning objectives are supported by a Home Learning pack and iQ mastery questions challenge learners’ understanding, application and confidence. The Home Learning packs provide first class opportunities for effective intervention and an ever growing library of help videos for Year 4 maths is available on the MyMiniMaths YouTube channel in support of quality learning.