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Welcome to the Year 3 maths questions at MyMiniMaths. Daily maths questions for Year 3 are available for every week of the year, providing free help and support for teachers, pupils and parents. 1000s of free worksheets and activities are available to support children in their learning both in the classroom and at home. Use the search and filter box below to easily find the outcomes you require.

It is recommended that a topic is selected per week and daily maths tasks accessed using the links provided below. Use each day’s answers to help identify and guide the required support in preparation for the following day’s task. Watch your understanding, application and confidence grow throughout the week. New resources are always being added, so keep checking for updates.

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More about Year 3 Maths Questions …

Welcome to the start of Key Stage 2 maths and the Year 3 maths curriculum. Year 3 maths’ intention is to continue the learning from Key Stage 1 and provide a platform to build understanding, application and confidence through KS2. Some learning objectives in Year 3 extend skills from Year 2, whilst introducing a variety of new concepts to pupils such as, reading and writing numbers up to 1000, measuring and comparing length and equivalent fractions.

Year 3 NUMBER …

Written methods for addition and subtraction feature heavily in Year 3 maths introducing and reinforcing the column method and place value. Understanding the place value of digits in hundreds tens units and comparing numbers to 1000 provides a secure understanding to develop future learning. Year 3 mental maths allows pupils to focus and develop mental strategies in support of written methods. Learners can also begin to multiply and divide values before moving onto more formal methods in Year 4.

Year 3 SHAPE …

Year 3 continues on from Key Stage 1 looking at 2D shapes and are giving the opportunity to draw 2D shapes and recognise 3D shapes before studying the angles inside 2D shapes alongside many other quality Year 3 maths worksheets.

Year 3 DATA …

Year 3 learners look at data different types of tables and how information can be shown in bar charts. This foundation of understanding of data in tables and graphs allow learners to move forward into Year 4 where line graphs are introduced.

All learning objectives are supported by a Home Learning pack and iQ mastery questions challenge learners’ understanding, application and confidence. The Home Learning packs provide first class opportunities for effective intervention and an ever growing library of help videos for Year 3 maths is available on the MyMiniMaths YouTube channel in support of quality learning.