Welcome to the Year 6 to 7 transition Mini-Maths home page. Ten key areas from the Year 7 curriculum have been identified to support Year 6 pupils in their transition into Year 7. It is recommended that a topic is selected per week and each day’s task is opened using the links provided below. Use each day’s answers to help guide the required support in preparation for the following day’s task. Your understanding will develop throughout the week. Accompanying video tutorials, iQ questions and Home Learning packs are coming soon.

MyMiniMaths FLUENCY daily tasks are perfect as a starter & entrance task to set every lesson off.
Ten weeks of fluency packs cover 10 key learning outcomes from Year 7 offering the perfect opportunity for transition into Key Stage 3. Each pack contains 5 daily tasks offering practice in fluency to secure understanding and develop confidence.

Video tutorials are available to give additional support with your understanding and fluency. Subscribe to the MyMiniMaths YouTube channel to access the latest updates content.

iQintelligent questioning gives an opportunity to apply the understanding, skills and confidence developed using the mini-maths fluency and home-learning packs. iQ tasks come in a variety of forms and will test your mastery of application and reasoning to a greater depth. Follow @myminimaths on Twitter for the latest releases of iQ tasks to challenge your learning.

Ready-made teacher friendly mini-maths Home Learning packs are recommended to be used daily to develop pupil understanding and confidence throughout the week. The daily Home Learning tasks provide opportunities for quick and effective daily intervention with proven results. Full weekly packs are ready for print in just a few clicks. For tips and ideas on how to best use the home learning packs, click here

Please use the search bar to filter and find the learning objective required.