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Year 3 maths worksheets

Year 3 – Week 27 – Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator – Monday

About adding and subtracting fractions for Year 3 …

MyMiniMaths introduces adding fractions for Year 3 and subtracting fractions for Year 3 with the free daily fluency, home learning and iQ mastery learning packs supported by a You Tube video tutorial. Fractions often face a negative response from learners, resulting in barriers to accessing a fundamental understanding of the fraction and the information contained within it. As soon as the learner identifies a fraction as simply specifying a number out of a total number, working with fractions becomes a smoother journey to success. Year 3 introduces pairs of simple fractions with the same denominator, which can be easily added together as well as adopting the same process and understanding when subtracting. From here, Year 4 continues to develop understanding of adding and subtracting fractions in week 41 before Year 5 learners are required to manipulate fractions when adding and subtracting fractions with related denominators in week 12. Further manipulation of fractions and mixed fractions is required in Year 6 with the addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers in week 10. The development of application and confidence working with fractions supports many areas of the Key Stage 3 curriculum, such as in algebraic equations and expressions.

Early errors when adding and subtracting fractions occur when the learner also adds or subtracts the denominators which leads to interesting discussions why this is not the case…and talk of cake! In the latter half of Key Stage 2, the manipulation of the fractions using equivalence and common denominators can be a challenge to master and will require an understanding of equivalent fractions starting in Year 3.

Varied Application…

Varied application is the use of 2 or more learning objectives in different contexts. Skills are readily used across the maths curriculum, often without realisation, giving opportunity for learners to apply their understanding and confidence of adding fractions for Year 3 and subtracting fractions for Year 3 in a variety of mathematical contexts. Varied application promotes the wider curriculum and extends the coverage of skills outside of discrete lessons. Using fractions in different contexts appears throughout the maths curriculum and can be applied to other Year 3 learning objectives including:

  1. WEEK 13 – read and write fractions
  2. WEEK 21 – perimeter of 2D shapes
  3. WEEK 42 – count and calculate in tenths
  4. WEEK 44 – equivalent fractions
  5. WEEK 47 – compare and order fractions