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Welcome to MyMiniMaths KS2 MATHS GAMES

Latest KS2 Maths Games…


FUN KS2 maths games for everybody to enjoy, giving endless opportunities for discussion around the strategies and techniques required to master each game.

Start with Game 1 and build confidence before mastering Game 9 and be a MyMiniMaths champion.

For more information and support with each memory game, click the link provided for each game.

Can you master the Memory Games?

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Lots more Memory Games coming soon…

Mental and arithmetic fitness is a key ingredient in supporting our understanding and application of mathematical skills. When riding a bike, going for a run or playing any team sport, a regular workout improves our physical fitness and enjoyment of the activity. Our mathematical fitness is very much the same and needs continuous exercise to work at its best and help us improve our understanding, application and ultimately, confidence in all areas of the subject.

The most popular and enjoyable way of exercising our maths mind is through ks2 maths games. The MyMiniMaths Memory Games offer short videos in support of all areas of the maths curriculum. Each game contains multiple of levels, slowly increasing in challenge. Practice through these maths games will support your understanding and improve written work in the classroom and beyond.