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Use the mini-lesson activities below to mix together your own daily lesson.

Select your year group on the right for FULL access to 1000's of mini-tasks.

Select your year group below for full access to 1000's of mini-tasks.

Daily mini-tasks to practice understanding of key learning objectives.

Choose a learning objective from your year group link above and complete each set of daily practice questions from Monday through to Friday. Use the video tutorials to support your understanding.

For extra practice and support with the fluency tasks or choose a different learning objective to practice alongside your fluency activity.

Visit from Monday through to Friday for maximum benefit.

36 Weeks of Home Learning packs now available for EASY & FREE access at home.

All home learning packs are ready-to-print to improve children's understanding and application.

Daily practice to improve your knowledge and understanding in the classroom. Designed to support all pupils in years 3, 4, 5 & 6. Visit the YouTube video tutorials to help you through any tricky bits and test your skills on my iQ mastery questions.
Enjoy thousands of FREE, NO subscription resources supporting the National Curriculum across Key Stage 2. Effective tools for lesson starters, assessment, intervention, homework, times tables, mastery, SATs practice and much more...
Support your children's mathematical learning with short, FREE and easy to use tasks. Develop their confidence and understanding across all areas of the curriculum. Free to use video tutorials are available to support both teaching & learning and make mathematical concepts more accessible for everyone.

Develop your understanding across all four year groups’ weekly learning objectives by visiting and completing each day’s mini-maths tasks. Daily practise will build greater fluency in your understanding before tackling the related iQ questions.

Keep a look out for the YouTube logos. A video tutorial is available to give further support with your understanding and fluency. Perfect for pupil understanding and parental support. Subscribe to the MyMiniMaths YouTube video tutorial channel for all the latest updates.

iQ gives the opportunity to apply the skills and understanding developed using the daily mini-maths tasks. iQ tasks come in all forms and will test your mastery of application and reasoning to a greater depth.

How many times tables facts do you need to learn?  144?..NO!

With TT38 you need to prioritise just 38 times tables facts!

Improve the speed and recall of your times tables up to 12 x 12 with my 10-day rolling programme of practice. 

Remember… there’s only 38 to learn!

My Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Papers cover ALL of the arithmetic questions since 2016. 

A total of 30 weeks of papers are available to use and they provide opportunity to practise in preparation for this year’s Key Stage 2 SATs.

A record sheet allows you to record any errors and target questions requiring further practice.

Target gaps in your knowledge with my Arithmetic 16  practice questions.

Use the 40 YouTube video tutorials to support and develop your understanding.

These questions can be used as bespoke intervention for individual pupils in preparation for the Year 6 SATs.