MyMiniMaths FLUENCY daily tasks are perfect as a starter & entrance task to set every lesson off.
52 weeks of fluency packs cover all year group learning outcomes. Each pack contains 5 daily tasks offering practice in fluency to secure understanding. Great opportunities for refreshing previous learning.

Video tutorials are available to give additional support with your understanding and fluency. Subscribe to the MyMiniMaths YouTube channel to access the latest updates and content.

iQ intelligent questioning gives an opportunity to apply the understanding, skills and confidence developed using the mini-maths fluency and home-learning packs. iQ tasks come in a variety of forms and will test your mastery of application and reasoning to a greater depth. Follow @myminimaths on Twitter for the latest releases of iQ tasks to challenge your learning.

Ready-made teacher friendly mini-maths Home Learning packs are recommended to be used daily to develop pupil understanding and confidence throughout the week. The daily Home Learning tasks provide opportunities for quick and effective daily intervention with proven results. Full weekly packs are ready for print in just a few clicks. For tips and ideas on how to best use the home learning packs, click here

My Year 6 Arithmetic Practice Papers cover ALL of the Key Stage 2 SATs arithmetic questions since 2016. A total of 30 weeks of papers are available to use and they provide opportunity to practise in preparation for this year’s Key Stage 2 SATs. A record sheet allows you to record any errors and target questions requiring further practice using the Arithmetic 16 Target Questions. 

Target gaps in your knowledge with my Arithmetic 16  practice questions. Use the 40 YouTube video tutorials to support and develop your understanding across all types of arithmetic question. These questions can be used as bespoke intervention for individual pupils in preparation for the Year 6 SATs.

10 key areas from the Year 7 curriculum have been identified to support Year 6 pupils in their transition into Year 7. It is recommended that a topic is selected per week. Use each day’s answers to help guide the required support in preparation for the following day’s task.

How many times tables facts do you need to learn?  144?..NO! With TT38 you need to prioritise just 38 times tables facts! Improve the speed and recall of your times tables up to 12 x 12 with my 10-day rolling programme of practice. Remember… there’s only 38 to learn! Choose from either the TT38 Classic or Tri-TT38 Times Tables Skills Builder.


I enjoy the daily practice to improve my understanding and confidence. The best bit is they only need 5 to 10 minutes each day to complete. I can ask the video tutorials for help and test my new understanding with the iQ mastery questions.


I rely on these mini-resources everyday for my teaching in the classroom. I use the thousands of free resources on offer for lesson starters, assessment, intervention, home learning, times tables, greater depth mastery, SATs practice and much more… MyMiniMaths saves me and my colleagues hours of preparation time every week, thank you.


I have been supporting my child’s progress with MyMiniMaths for over 2 years and I have watched their confidence reach new heights. The tasks are easy to access and understand for pupils and parents, making mathematical concepts more accessible for everyone, without ever demanding too much time.