Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Find out more about My Mini Maths below and how it supports 1000’s of teachers, pupils and parents.

Who is MyMiniMaths?

I am a maths teacher of over 17 years


I have been a maths coordinator for more than 14 years


Mini-maths tasks have been integral to my teaching for over 10 years

How does MyMiniMaths work?

Short and focused tasks


Builds fluency and mastery understanding across Key Stage 2


Daily practise developing learning from day-to-day


Opportunity for instant & effective intervention and support

Why is MyMiniMaths free?

I passionately believe that education should be FREE for everybody


It is my goal to maintain My Mini Maths as FREE to use

Why are there adverts on MyMiniMaths?

To maintain FREE access for all users


To meet the growing running costs of My Mini Maths


Help support the continued development of new resources for

teachers, pupils & parents

What is the future for MyMiniMaths?

Continue to provide high quality mini-maths resources to support the teaching & learning of mathematics


I have lots of new ideas that I would like to introduce and share for everybody to use…

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