Thursday, April 18, 2024
Year 3 maths worksheets

Year 3 – Week 3 – Recognise the value of each digit in a 3-digit number – Monday

About Year 3 place value …

MyMiniMaths introduces the place value of digits in numbers in Year 3 with the free daily fluency and home learning learning packs supported by a You Tube video tutorial. Understanding the place value of digits in values of all sizes is essential to understanding the basics in maths. Identifying the digits in hundreds, tens and units allows us to understand its value and make comparisons to other numbers. Learners need to understand that the digit 4, can represent a different value depending on which column it sits inside. 4, 40 and 400 include the same digit of 4, but the position of this digit changes the number entirely. Having a secure grasp of place value allows learners to access and develop understanding across the majority of the maths curriculum. In Year 3 place value, learners are expected to identify the value of a given digit in the hundreds, tens and units – HTU. From here, Year 4 are introduced to place value in 4-digit numbers in week 7, Year 5 place value in values up to one million in week 5 before progressing to Year 6 place value in decimal values in week 40, developing their understanding of tenths and hundredths. This understanding, application and confidence provides an essential skill in preparation for the Key Stage 3 curriculum and beyond.

Errors can occur when the learner places digits into the incorrect column, therefore changing its value. When introducing Year 3 place value, the use a place value grid supports the identification of placement in support of the desired value. Inserting zeros into a number as a place holder can pose an initial challenge to learners and may require the introduction of physical items, providing a more practical approach to learning.

Varied Application…

Varied application is the use of 2 or more learning objectives in different contexts. Skills are readily used across the maths curriculum, often without realisation, giving opportunity for learners to apply their understanding and confidence with Year 3 place value in a variety of mathematical contexts. Varied application promotes the wider curriculum and extends the coverage of skills outside of discrete lessons. Place value in 3-digit numbers is one of the fundamental skills required across many areas of the maths curriculum and can be applied to the majority of Year 3 learning objectives including:

  1. WEEK 1 – written addition
  2. WEEK 2 – written subtraction
  3. WEEK 5 – 10 more or less than a number
  4. WEEK 7 – read and write numbers up to 1000
  5. WEEK 9 – compare and order numbers up to 1000
  6. WEEK 14 – mental addition and subtraction
  7. WEEK 22 – real-life numbers
  8. WEEK 30 – solving problems with place value
  9. WEEK 42 – count and calculate in tenths
  10. WEEK 51 – Roman numerals up to 12