Monday, May 27, 2024
Year 4 maths worksheets

Year 4 – Week 4 – Long division using formal written methods – Monday

About formal written division for Year 4 …

MyMiniMaths introduces formal written division for Year 4 with the free daily fluency, home learning and iQ mastery learning packs supported by a You Tube video tutorial . Learners will have been introduced to the term, sharing, which best describes the outcome when dividing. In Year 4 the learner begins to divide 2 and 3 digit numbers by a single digit. The formal method helps support the understanding of place value across the columns: units or ones, tens, hundreds and thousands. From here, Year 5 learners divide 3 and 4-digit numbers by a single digit divisor in week 4 including fractional remainders before extending their learning to Year 6 long division in week 4, introducing division by a 2-digit value. Like with subtraction, the learner needs to be aware and understand that the order of the values being divided is significant to the outcome. Later in Year 6, division showing a decimal remainder, provides a stepping stone before their transition to Key Stage 3.

Division plays as significant role as multiplication in Times tables, and is supported in the Tri-TT38 resource sheets highlighting the close relationship between multiplying and dividing. This is integral to the accuracy and success of both short and long division and are frequently the cause of computational errors and often do not reflect the understanding of the learner. Another commonly seen error comes from forgetting to carry over any unused value from the previous column. This can be supported by placing all digits inside separate boxes to ensure that each digit is actioned separately.

Varied Application…

Varied application is the use of 2 or more learning objectives in different contexts. Skills are readily used across the maths curriculum, often without realisation, giving opportunity for learners to apply their understanding and confidence of written division for Year 4 in a variety of mathematical contexts. Varied application promotes the wider curriculum and extends the coverage of skills outside of discrete lessons. Dividing is one of the fundamental skills required across many areas of the maths curriculum and in real-life and can be applied to other Year 4 learning objectives including:

  1. WEEK 13 – inverse operations
  2. WEEK 25 – factors pairs
  3. WEEK 42 – dividing by 1
  4. WEEK 47 – solving problems with division