There are many ways in which this activity can be delivered, here are a couple of ideas…


You can play out a one month period using the debit card.  As a class provide the pupils with a series of transactions throughout the month for the pupils to fill in on the provided transaction sheet and/or rear of the debit card. Ask the pupils for their own ideas on transactions, but ensure to include the depositing of money back into the account to demonstrate how this operates.

The pupils could also set up their own shop selling 1 or 2 virtual items for the other pupils to purchase using their debit card. This should stimulate discussion on using contactless or chip & PIN transactions. This will allow the pupils selling to make deposits into their account as well as debiting the accounts of the purchasing pupil. Intervene with some whole class transactions. You could run a competition to see who has the most sales from the pupils’ final balances at the end of the session.


Similar to the debit card activity above, but extend to over a 3 month period of time to allow for the transition from month-to-month to be demonstrated. This will help pupils identify the fundamental differences between using debit and credit cards and how any outstanding balance on a credit card will be carried forward to the following month and incur interest, set by the teacher, of course.

Debit Card

Credit Card