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How to close gaps in KS2 Maths?

How to close gaps in KS2 Maths?

As teachers, one of the most powerful and effective tools we have in our armoury is the identification and closing of gaps in pupil understanding. With effective resourcing, we can provide a bespoke education tailored to the needs of both individuals and groups of children and close gaps in KS2 maths. 

Regular real-time assessment in lesson time helps us to identify these essential areas of learning, required to move the pupils forward in their understanding, application and ultimately build their self confidence in the subject.


How can I effectively fill these gaps?

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MyMiniMaths provides the perfect box of tools for you and your children to close gaps in KS2 maths…and best of all – it is 100% FREE for teachers, pupils & parents to use!

What is MyMiniMaths?

MyMiniMaths.co.uk has been designed and developed by a maths teacher and head of department with almost 20 years experience. The mini-maths approach has been used for over 10 years with outstanding outcomes for children of all ages and abilities.

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MyMiniMaths is very easy to use. An extensive 52 weeks of free resources are available for Years 3, 4, 5 & 6. The 5 day mini-maths programme allows pupils to build understanding, application and confidence using small daily tasks which build on the previous day’s learning, understanding and intervention, resulting in end-of-week success for the chosen learning objective.

Can I use MyMiniMaths for intervention?

Help unpick the small padlocks and open doors to learning that have previously remained closed.

MyMiniMaths is the perfect resource for pupil intervention, whether for an individual or as a group. As teachers we can quickly identify trends in learning and understanding as we walk around our classroom during lesson time, looking at pupil books and through more formal assessment opportunities.

This information provides us with the best diagnostic for moving pupils forward in their learning and closing those all important gaps.

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Using the search tool for each year group makes it quick and easy to find the required learning objective(s). You can choose from both the 5 day fluency tasks and 5 day Home Learning pack to provide a 10 minute daily task for the pupils to complete both in school and at home.

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But time is so limited for teachers…

…indeed it is. One of MyMiniMath’s key features is it’s time efficiency. I have been running MyMiniMaths resources for over 10 years now, which has allowed me to identify the most effective approach with these short, bite sized daily tasks.

The tasks are fully flexible for every teacher, pupil & parent to use. You know your children’s maths better than anybody else – you can issue a set of questions best suited to your children’s needs. You can quickly and easily issue the full set of questions for the higher ability and only one or two for those pupils who will require more time and support throughout the week – I give a 10 minute limit for all pupils.

The Home Learning packs work wonderfully when adopting this approach, allowing pupils to return each task to the classroom daily and give you and the pupils the opportunity to discuss their answers and give short, manageable intervention in preparation for the next task at home. This is very achievable for individuals, groups and as a whole class.

Providing pupils with feedback and guidance at the time of learning will have the greatest impact on their understanding, application and confidence.

Take care and stay safe. 🙂