Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Year 6 maths worksheets

Pupils can develop and progress from Year 5 maths to the Year 6 maths worksheets using the daily tasks to build pupil understanding, application and confidence across all areas of the KS2 maths curriculum.

MyMiniMaths offers a wide and varied selection of free maths resources designed to support and provide first class opportunities for both individual and class intervention to give full coverage of the maths curriculum.

The Year 6 questions cover many number skills extending on previous year groups with long multiplication and long division allowing all pupils to develop and maximise their KS2 numbers skills with double digit values. Other areas of number including rounding in context helps pupils identify the use of rounding values in real life. Year 6 maths also provides further challenge such as adding mixed fractions with proper fractions and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. Secure understanding of number is needed when converting metric units of measurement and improve application with metric conversion, including units of length: mm to cm , cm to mm , cm to m , m to cm , m to km and km to m. Units of capacity: ml to l , l to ml , cl to l , l to cl, cl to ml and ml to cl and finally units of mass: g to kg , grams to kilograms , kg to g and kilograms to grams.

There is a substantial number of free teaching resources available for Year 6 maths worksheets on reading graphs and drawing graphs. These include using line graphs and more challenging pie charts.

Key Stage 2 shape is concluded in Year 6 maths with calculating the volume of a cube and the volume of a cuboid. This will give opportunity for learners to extend their understanding to calculate the volume of a cube and the volume of a cuboid using a formula. Children can also translate a shape and reflect a shape to help develop shape transformations. 2D shape properties and 3D shape properties are covered and allow pupils to sort into different groups.

Year 6 algebra provides an introduction to algebra questions for Year 6. Pupils will develop understanding of unknowns and substitution giving a secure start to KS3 maths where they will continue KS3 algebra skills.

Daily intervention is integral to supporting the development of our children. The extensive range of free teaching resources gives the perfect opportunity to identify and deliver effective intervention to learners.

Together with the Year 6 arithmetic practice papers and target questions, Year 6 children can excel in the KS2 SATs assessments.

MyMiniMaths supports Year 6 maths starters and entrance tasks,  iQ mastery questions, home learning packs and along with the YouTube help videos provide the full support package for all children to enjoy success in maths.