Saturday, April 13, 2024

Year 5 maths worksheets

The Year 5 maths worksheets continue and build on pupil understanding from Year 4 offering 1000s of free teaching resources through daily maths tasks.

A wide and varied selection of Year 5 maths questions covers the full maths curriculum. The free daily maths tasks develop pupil knowledge, application, understanding and confidence in full preparation for the Year 6 maths curriculum.

Year 5 number skills extends pupil understanding and application from Year 4, looking at key learning objectives including, addition worksheets and subtraction worksheets with 4-digit values. In Year 5 pupils are introduced to calculating percentages and develop themselves as a percentage calculator. This allows pupils to convert and find equivalence with percent decimal fraction in different contexts.

The Year 5 maths worksheets support understanding of shape. Pupils can identify regular shapes and irregular shapes and use different properties of  shapes including the properties of quadrilaterals to sort into groups. Pupils can test their understanding of the area of a rectangles and the perimeter of a rectangle by find missing facts.

Different types of graph and different types of charts are explored in Year 5 building on the understanding from Year 4. The line graph is explored allowing Year 5 pupils to read line graphs and interpret line graphs to show their understanding.

The daily maths resources available to Year 5 provides opportunity for pupils to practice existing and new skills and develop their understanding daily. Daily intervention plays a significant role in supporting and developing understanding in Year 5 maths. Intervention at the time of learning maximises learning opportunities building confidence across all areas of the Year 5 maths curriculum.

MyMiniMaths supports Year 5 maths starters,  iQ mastery questions, home learning packs and along with the YouTube help videos provide the full support package for success.