Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Year 4 maths worksheets

Year 4 maths continues the learning and development of learners  in Year 3. The daily Year 4 maths worksheets offer 1000’s of free resources for teachers, pupils and parents.

A wide variety of Year 4 maths questions cover all areas of the maths curriculum. The free daily tasks build knowledge, understanding, application and confidence before the pupil moves forward to Year 5.

New skills with Number are introduced in Year 4 building on the learning from Year 3 maths. As well as extending understanding with addition worksheets and subtraction worksheets using columns: units, tens, hundreds. Written multiplication and short division are introduced allowing pupils to use the bus stop method for short division. Links between the four operations are encouraged introducing the inverse operation. Place value is supported with finding 1000 more or less than a value and identifying the value of digits in 4 digit numbers using thousands hundreds tens and units. Year 4 rounding allows pupils to develop their understanding of rounding 4 digit numbers in preparation for Year 5 rounding.

Reading and drawing Year 4 bar charts allow pupils to present data together with introducing line graphs to represent discrete data and continuous data.

The Year 4 maths worksheets continue work with 2D shape properties including symmetry and introduced 2D shape transformations: reflection and translation. Graphs and coordinates are covered with different shapes including squares and rectangles.

The daily Year 4 maths questions allow pupils to practice their skills and develop their understanding each day allowing for daily intervention in support of any misunderstandings. This timely intervention supports the learner’s understanding and application building confidence across all areas of the Year 4 curriculum.

Year 4 starters, home learning packs, iQ mastery questions and supporting YouTube video tutorials provide the full package for a successful learner.