Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Year 3 maths worksheets

The Year 3 maths worksheets offer high quality teaching resources delivering an effective approach to developing the understanding, application and confidence of learners across the Year 3 maths curriculum.

1000s of free Year 3 maths questions are covered throughout the year using free daily tasks to build knowledge, understanding, application and confidence before progressing into Year 4.

Number skills are covered across the Year 3 curriculum including addition worksheets and subtraction worksheets supporting place value in whole numbers. Support with money worksheets is also made available for learners to apply their skill and understanding.  Other areas of number are included such as fractions, finding multiples and comparing numbers. Mental maths for Year 3 including addition facts and subtraction facts are also covered supporting strategies for written methods.

Learners are introduced to presenting information and data using bar graphs, tables and pictograms and are encouraged to explain the information presented before moving on to line graphs in Year 4.

The extensive Year 3 maths worksheets cover 2D shapes and 3D shapes including their different properties. Pupils are introduced to angles in shapes and calculating a 2D shape’s perimeter given their dimensions.

The Year 3 maths questions should be followed each day and supported in preparation for the following day’s questions. This gives great opportunity for timely intervention in support of the learner’s understanding allowing the pupil to move forward in their mathematical development.

All learning objectives are supported with free daily questions for Year 3 starters, home learning packs, iQ mastery questions and supporting YouTube video tutorials.