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A maximum of            minutes per day - that’s it!

GOOD NEWS! There are only 38 times tables for you to practise...NOT 144!

How many times tables do you need to learn?

Don’t believe us?

Watch this short video to see why!

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Follow our rolling 2-week programme to improve your speed and accuracy of recall.

There are 4 different types of task throughout the 2-week programme:

Includes the CORE 38 times tables for you to practise as shown in the video link above.

Gives you the opportunity to practice the basic times tables not included in the CORE 38.

Presents the CORE 38 times tables as fractions.

Giving you the opportunity to practice the core division facts!

Give yourself a maximum of 5 minutes to complete each task. As soon as you complete the questions, write down your time and convert into seconds. Check your answers and add on 20 seconds for each mistake or blank space. Record your overall time in the Pupil Record Sheet, which can be downloaded on the left-hand side. Watch as your times fall with practice!

Day 1 - CORE38

TT38 Core38 - Day 1 Questions.pdf

Day 2 - CORE38

TT38 Core38 - Day 2 Questions.pdf

Day 3 - BASICS  

TT38 Basics - Day 3 Questions.pdf

Day 4 - CORE38

TT38 Core38 - Day 4 Questions.pdf


TT38 Division - Day 5 Questions.pdf

Day 6 - CORE38

TT38 Core38 - Day 6 Questions.pdf

Day 7 - BASICS

TT38 Basics - Day 7 Questions.pdf

Day 8 - CORE38

TT38 Core38 - Day 8 Questions.pdf


TT38 Division - Day 9 Questions.pdf TT38 Division - Day 9 Answers.pdf

Day 10 - ANSWERS

TT38 Answers - Day10 Questions.pdf TT38 Answers - Day 10 Answers.pdf

Containing all CORE 38 answers for you to match the correct times tables to.

Pupil Record Sheet

TT38 Core38 - Day 8 Answers.pdf TT38 Basics - Day 7 Answers.pdf TT38 Core38 - Day 6 Answers.pdf TT38 Division - Day 5 Answers.pdf TT38 Core38 - Day 4 Answers.pdf TT38 Basics - Day 3 Answers.pdf TT38 Core38 - Day 2 Answers.pdf TT38 Core38 - Day 1 Answers.pdf